What is SiStained8? 

SiStained8 is a creative compost education & equipment company based in Washington, D.C. With a playful spin on the word “Sustained”, SiStained8 strives to increase awareness related to environmental sustainability at a time where negative climate change impact is calling out for human attention.
 In order to do this, we choose basic knowledge stemming from the art of traditional composting as a vehicle of environmental sustainability. The number 8 speaks to infinity and doing the work for future generations. Furthermore, it is our mission to highlight our four foundational pillars which include:
100% Fairtrade Cocoa

Environmental Sustainability

Natural Ingredients


100% Palm Oil Free



Closed Process


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Compost Education and Consultation Services

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One-on-One / CEO Coaching:

Personalized coaching to help you achieve your composting goals

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Compost & Sheet Mulching

 Improve your soil health and promote healthy plant growth

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Compost Education

 Hands-on workshops and resources to deepen your composting knowledge

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Small Space Gardening

Learn how to grow your own food and beautify your space, no matter how small.

Transform waste into rich soil!

Think like a Boss watch what you Toss

Compost FAQs

1. What is compost?

Often mistaken as dirt, compost is a powerful soil amendment that is the direct product of the natural decomposition of organic materials. Finished compost looks like moist chocolate cake crumbles that has a 70% dark cocoa color and feels moist and airy to touch. Quality compost has the power to resuscitate dirt and fully enhance any soil.

2. What is compostable green material?

Compostable green material includes organic material that is elementally nitrogen as it decomposes. When left by itself, it will probably create a smell. These materials can include raw food waste of vegetables and fruits, coffee grounds, eggshells, old flowers, hair and yard trimmings— to name a few.

3. What is compostable brown material?

Compostable brown material includes organic material that is elementally carbon as it decomposes. When left by itself, it will not give off any foul odors as with green materials. Brown materials can include brown paper bags, autumn leaves, wood chips, office paper, dried yard trimmings and straw–to name a few.

4. Why can’t meat and dairy be composted?

The honest answer is that meat and dairy CAN be composted but not through the method of traditional aerobic composting. In the traditional method of composting, it is imperative to omit all meats, dairy, oily foods, pet feces and cooked items from being placed inside of your pre-compost collection container.  

A word from Our


“SiStained8 has been instrumental in the success of my backyard garden. Last year when we were home because of the pandemic, I took to the backyard and started a garden. To my amazement, I started to see my plants peaking through the soil.”
D. Williams
“SiStained8 was so much more than I expected! The engagement has been professional while extremely educational and habit changing. My family and I have learned the science of composting and how to better manage our food and paper waste.”
Klusmann Family
"Our garden space is well on its way to producing a regular harvest. SiStained8 gave an awesome presentation for our toddler Grand Babies. A must if you have children or need a special program for youth group!"
W. Griffin

Meet Our Founder - Najwa Womack

Our SiStained8 founder, Najwa Womack, is a native Washingtonian that hones in on her experiences in the performing arts and international travel to inspire and educate community about the wonders of earth-saving behaviors.

Najwa earned her Master Urban Compost Certificate from DC’s Department of Parks & Recreation in 2018. She later completed a 6-week intensive compost training course with LoopClosing. She is also featured on the George Washington University’s Planet Forward website (one of GWUs many sustainability initiatives). 

Najwa is currently serving as an Advocate of Compost with the United States Composting Council. She plans to further her composting knowledge to be applied locally, nationally and internationally.

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